Random is Happy Making

I like random.  Random is unexpected.  It’s new and exciting.  It’s coincidence and perfect timing.  It’s meeting the right people at exactly the right time for the right connection or the right lesson.  Random is not a synonym for drama.  Drama is troublesome and irritating.  I don’t like drama.  I like being dramatic, otherwise I wouldn’t have such a fabulous sense of style, but I don’t like high school, soap opera drama.  Drama is bad juju.  Random is neither good nor bad juju in and of itself; your reaction to it makes it so.  Accept the random and ask God what you’re supposed to do with it; everything will work together for the good in your world when you know what you’re supposed to do with it.  When things work together for the good, happy making is in the world.

I like random.  I like the happy making.

© Dulcinea 2009.  All rights reserved.


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