What is love?

What is love?

What are the distinctive characteristics of love?

How does one know one is in or is falling in love?

There are so many people out there that you are incompatible with and when you spend time with them, you know it.  There are the people out there, I’m told, that are good matches for you… and there are people who are not necessarily a good match but are definitely compatible enough that spending time with and expending energy on them is enjoyable.  The question is this:

How do you know that the person you’re spending time with, the person you’re getting to know is of the good match group and isn’t just someone who you’re compatible enough with to enjoy them?

Anyone who has spent time being single before marriage, after marriage, or during marriage at any time in their life knows what I’m talking about.  There are times when there doesn’t seem to be anyone around to keep company with or times when the person you’re with isn’t with you.  There are also times between those times when it seems to rain opportunity upon opportunity for, er, companionship.  These in some ways are the difficult times because these are the times when you wonder.

At some point the narcissist realizes that the person who is lavishing attention on them is not a compatible partner in love.

At some point the realist realizes that this person is not at the same place or the same level as them.

At some point the romantic realizes that this person is not “the one” they’ve been waiting for.

But what about the philosopher?  The philosopher contemplates whether the companionship is the source of enjoyment because the companion is worthwhile or if the enjoyment is the result of feelings that are more.  The philosopher wonders if the feelings that were felt at other times really were love or if what is felt now is.

What is love?

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