I Am A Teacher, Too

I read a great article recently in NEA Today about how teachers feel about the lack of respect they receive despite their service.  It seems that in America today, teachers have become the whipping boy for lack of progress overall.  Complaints pour in from every corner.  Teachers aren’t teaching children respect.  They aren’t doing all they can to help students succeed; just look at their test scores.  Teachers are paid too much for what they do.  Being a teacher has turned into a never-ending battle to do what we are passionate about: reaching children.  One teacher in Florida found her voice and the voice of teachers across America as she wrote about what it is to be a teacher.  For those readers who share the aforementioned adverse opinions about teachers, I ask only that you will click the link below, read the article, and read the full text of Jamee Miller’s essay, “I Am a Teacher”.

A Cry for Respect for Educators

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  1. Thank you for the link, Duckie!

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