Sleepless Night: A Collection

Sleepless night spent wondering, what will my status be in the morning?


I began to love
Another man who may not
Have been the right one


I sit alone at the computer
Watching the time tick by
Hoping something will change
Or time will stop altogether
Praying that I will be able to sleep tomorrow away
Because I just can’t bear the thought
Of the happy sun
When the sun is setting in my heart
Yet again


When the best friend of the man you are in love with who has been jerking your chain thinks your facebook prayer about the seemingly unavoidable end to your romance is beautiful and exactly what he couldn’t say for himself, completely unaware of the fact that his best friend is breaking your heart into a million and a half tiny little pieces.


Oh God
Here we go again.
Another broken romance.
I wonder why I try so hard to be hopeful
To find that one person
Because right now
I’m feeling pretty sure
He doesn’t actually


I realize that sleep might
Bring welcome relief to my current state of misery
But getting there isn’t as easy as pie


I don’t ever want to see another Denny’s apple crumble as long as I live.


My eyes are heavy
Not as heavy as my heart
What will happen now?


I write a letter
To my love
And laid my heart bear open
Waiting to see what he does with that heart
Is making me feel
Like taking it back
But I can’t
Now that I’ve done it
I have to wait and see
If he wants me


© Dulcinea 2010. All rights reserved.


One Response to “Sleepless Night: A Collection”

  1. Mathilda-Anne Says:

    We don’t need pie…we have cake and champagne.

    He doesn’t exist. Who the hell are you talking about? Are you talking to the walls again? I thought I told you that comic book characters do not make good bedfellows.

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