Welcome to Dulcinea’s universe, or at least the world according to Duckie, where almost no topic is off limits, comments are fairly random, thoughts and opinions flow freely, and sarcasm is available in spades. All Dulcinea asks is that you take her remarks with a grain of salt, when clearly random thoughts are on parade, with a degree of consciousness and open-mindedness, when opinions are involved, and keep bad juju far away.

Now on to hearing how things really are According to Duckie…!

*Disclaimer: If you don’t like what Dulcinea has to say, go someplace else. This is not a place for nastiness, arguments, or bad juju. If you’re not happy with what you read, stop. Please don’t leave comments. If your opinion differs from Dulcinea’s and you absolutely must say something, I’m sure Duckie and her readers would be more than happy to read your opinions posted elsewhere. Thank you!

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